At ieva fray we believe that life should be slow and simple. 

As parents it seems we are continually encouraged to long and prepare for the next phase of our child’s life instead of simply enjoying the here and now.  Through our dolls we hope to not only encourage imaginative play, but also to encourage an appreciation of all of life's little moments.  By incorporating intentional fraying and the addition of annual birthday patches, the Fray Doll has been designed to mirror the fleeting moments of childhood, encouraging a cherishing of all phases and fostering a development of family tradition. 

ieva fray was founded in 2013 in Brooklyn, NY by Lauren Cockerham-Colas, together with her husband, Everald Colas.  Professionally trained in public health and architecture, the Fray Doll is an extension of Lauren’s passion for creative health promotion and Everald’s passion for good design.  Lauren, the creative force and maker of the dolls, grew up watching her mother create and inspired by her began to do the same.  When her good friends had their first baby, Lauren sought to make their child a gift that was unique, meaningful and could be cherished for a lifetime — the Fray Doll was born.  

ieva fray:  Enjoy the journey.  With love.