How is the Fray Doll designed to mirror childhood?

Fray Dolls are intended to mirror childhood through two mechanisms: fraying and patch addition:

Fraying:  designated portions of each doll are intentionally designed to unravel (aka fray).  The process of fraying is an interesting one in that it does not happen immediately, but rather a thread will loosen with a playtime here, a group of threads will loosen with a washing there.  In the same way that your child at two-weeks-old is quite different from how they are at three-years-old, your child’s doll will be different at two-weeks, versus year-three, versus year-fourteen.  It may take some time for your child’s doll to reach its full fray capacity.  Do not rush this process — just like your child, your child’s doll will get to where it needs to be in its own time.

Patches:  on your child’s birthday, we encourage you to establish a tradition where together with your child, you add a patch to commemorate his/her new age.  Perhaps this will happen first thing in the morning, or after the cake is served, or during some other special time you decide on; but together you and your child should apply the newest patch.  By the time your child is eighteen-years of age, their Fray Doll will have transformed many times over, similar to the way your child transformed many times over throughout the years.  When the two of you look back on your child’s Fray Doll you will possess a collection of memories: of playtimes, adventures, comforts; and birthday mornings spent cuddling and collaborating together to determine the newest patch location. 

How are Fray Dolls made?

All Fray Dolls are proudly handcrafted in St. Petersburg, Florida utilizing high quality linen, cotton, leather and wood materials and are made to last a lifetime.  

How do I care for my doll?

Your Fray Doll has been designed and crafted to endure.  We expect that your child’s doll will get dirty and be washed many times over, so encourage your child to play!  With this in mind, however, your Fray Doll will require a bit of special care:  when it is time for a cleaning, first remove the leather straps and set aside (the leather straps should NOT be washed, as the washing process will cause them to dry out).  Next, add a mild detergent and hand-wash and rinse, washing and rinsing the doll and clothing separately.  Lay flat to dry. 

How long will it take my doll to arrive?

All Fray Dolls are made to order. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

Who is ieva?

A combination of a few folks who are really important to us– Everald’s sister, Isabelle; Everald’s mother, Evelyne; Lauren’s mother,Vian; and Lauren’s sister, Alexandria.  By combining the first letter of each of their names came, ieva.